Terms and Conditions for providing prepaid mobile services

  1. The terms and conditions contained herein shall form part of the Prepaid Enrolment Form (PEF) signed by the Subscriber.
  2. The grant of Services, allocation of telephone number is at the sole discretion of Airtel. Airtel reserves the right to reject any application, for any reason and/or without any liability whatsoever. The documentation provided by the Subscriber shall become Airtel's property even if the application is rejected.
  3. The Subscriber expressly agrees and hereby provides the consent to verify the authenticity of the particulars related to the National Identity Card via the information system of the Department for Registration of Persons.
  4. Services will be discontinued if there is no usage, i.e.no voice calls, SMS and data Services for any continuous period specified by Airtel as per the company policy or if there is no credit on the Account (please refer Airtel customer care hotline on 0755 555 555 to understand the relevant policy). No refunds will be given for any unused talk time balance and validity of the Account in the event of a disconnection of Services due to above reasons. Subscriber will not be able to recover the telephone number post disconnection.
  5. The Airtel prepaid recharge coupon balance is non-refundable for cash or transferable under any circumstance. If the Account is recharged before expiry of the validity period, the residual value shall be carried forward to the next validity period counted from the date of recharge. The higher validity out of the coupon recharged shall remain applicable. Airtel does not offer the facility of cumulative validities.
  6. The Subscriber hereby understands and accepts that any change in Tariffs or related terms and conditions, schemes, etc. will be communicated inter alia through SMS or USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services data) etc. shall be a valid and proper intimation.
  7. If the Subscriber activates any Services which contains a change in applicable Tariff, then the same shall be deemed to have the accepted change to the applicable Tariff.
  8. The actual credit/ calling value as per Airtel records shall be treated as final and binding on the Subscriber.
  9. The Subscriber must ensure the safe custody of the SIM. The Subscriber shall not permit any other person to use the SIM card. In case of a lost/misplaced/ stolen SIM card, the entire liability and the cost of the lost /misplaced/stolen SIM card and its usage will be borne by the Subscriber. It is the responsibility of the Subscriber to inform Airtel of the lost/misplaced/stolen SIM card immediately.
  10. The SIM card and the mobile number is and shall always remain in the sole exclusive domain of Airtel. The Subscriber shall have no claim on the same at any point or time. Subject to the terms contained in the PEF, the Subscriber acknowledges that the Subscriber acknowledges> has no interest in the SIM card and therefore is not entitled to transfer/ assign/ lease the SIM card/ mobile phone number to any other person under any circumstance. Any kind of modification to the SIM card with regards to its hardware or software (such as copying the SIM software) for any other purpose is illegal.
  11. Services offered to the Subscriber shall not entitle the Subscriber to all value added Services. Value added Services are renewable unless the Subscriber has disabled such renewal.
  12. The Subscriber shall not use the Service for any improper, immoral, unlawful or abusive purpose, or for sending obscene, indecent, threatening, harassing, unsolicited messages, or messages affecting /infringing upon national or social interests, terrorists or seditious, nor create any damage or risk to Airtel or its Network, Subscribers or any other person natural or legal whomsoever. Any such infringement or misuse shall under no circumstances be attributed to Airtel and the Subscriber shall be solely responsible for all such acts. The Subscriber hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Airtel and its officials/ agents from all suits, costs damages or claims of any kind arising out of any act or omission or misuse of the service by the Subscriber or any other person with or without consent of the Subscriber.
  13. Airtel shall not be liable for any act(s) of commissions or omissions of any third party/ suppliers/ manufacturers / including any agency/ company offering any privilege or benefit to the Subscriber without specific permission or authority of Airtel.
  14. Airtel will be compelled to refuse, limit, suspend or disconnect Services without any liability with respect to one/ all Subscribers without any notice, for any reason which is found to be reasonable by Airtel, including but not limited to the following:
    1. Government’s TRCSL rules, regulations, orders, directions, notifications, etc. including changes there to prohibiting and/ or suspending the rendering of such Services.
    2. Transmission limitations caused by conditions at nature, technical difficulties and force majeure events.
    3. During technical failure, modification, upgradation or variation, relocation, repair and/or maintenance of the systems /equipment.
    4. To combat potential fraud, sabotage, wilful destruction etc.
    5. If Services are used in any manner which violates any law etc. or adversely affects or interferes in any manner, the rendering of Services by Airtel
    6. Any discrepancy wrong particular(s) has provided by the Subscriber in the PEF.
    7. Breach of any term(s) or condition(s) at this PEF on the part of the Subscriber.
    8. If rendering is impossible in view of the problems arising on the Account of interconnection between Airtel and other telecom service providers.
    9. Any other reason which is found to be reasonable by Airtel warranting suspension/ disconnection.
    10. Being inactive in the Network.
  15. Privacy of communication is subject to government regulations, terms of the license issued to Airtel and other statutory and regulatory factors. Airtel may be required to disclose any information or particulars pertaining to the Subscriber to any authority judicial/ statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to any security agencies and reserves the right to comply with the directions or such authorities. Airtel’s contractual rights, remedies, as well as those available at law or equity are independent and cumulative. The validity, construction and performance of the terms and conditions of the PEF shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Subscriber expressly agrees that notwithstanding the location at which he/ she signs and/ or submits this PEF, the PEF between Airtel and him/ her shall for all intents and purposes deemed to have been made and entered into at Colombo and the Subscriber agrees that the appropriate courts of Colombo Shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of the content and subject matter contained in this PEF.
  16. Airtel reserves the right to make any alteration to the Services provided and shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience to the Subscriber resulting therefrom; vary, add to or amend the terms and conditions herein set out.
  17. If any part of this PEF is held invalid, the remaining provision(s) will remain unaffected and enforceable except to the extent that Airtel’s rights/obligations under the PEF are materially impaired.
  18. Definitions
    1. Airtel” means Bharti Airtel Lanka (Private) Ltd (Company No: PV 10652) or its successors/assigns/ nominees.
    2. Account” means an account maintained by Airtel consideration of Services provided by Airtel in respect of the telephone number.
    3. "Subscriber” means an individual, company, firm or any other association of persons whose application to subscribe for Services has been accepted by Airtel
    4. "Services" means telecommunication Services provided/ offered by Airtel using Airtel's Network under the Tariff plan of the Subscriber.
    5. Network” means the cellular mobile telephone Network of Airtel as per its coverage map.
    6. "Tariff” means a tariff plan and shall include, but not limited to airtime, processing fee, usage charges and other applicable fees and service charges and related conditions as notified and published by Airtel from time to time for providing Services and value added/ supplementary Services, wherever applicable. Airtel reserves the right to change the Tariff plan applicable on the Airtel prepaid SIM at any time at its discretion with or without notice, subject to TRCSL regulations.
    7. SIM card” means Subscriber Identity Module issued to the Subscriber by Airtel.
    8. "TRCSL' means the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka.