Life At Airtel – Airtel

Team airtel comprises of diverse and dynamic individuals who continuously and passionately keep exploring newer ways of working, taking risks, travelling unchartered territories whilst having fun! Our team enriches the lives of millions in Sri Lanka – ultimately bringing them closer to what they love.


We create solutions that connect people. Whilst never forgetting to be Alive, Inclusive & Respectful and our passion and ‘spirit to succeed’ has enabled us to go above and beyond. This is also translated within our team and we never forget to celebrate our wins & special signature occasions

Our Competencies

Competencies lie at the very core of our culture and is integrated with talent acquisition, performance / talent management and capability development etc. these are seen as critical component of every individual’s growth and performance. Thus building capabilities at airtel assumes greater significance, and primarily revolves around building competencies that help create a pool of strong leaders, which not only constantly develop themselves, but in turn create an army of superior, customer-focused performers.


At airtel, developing people management capabilities lies at the core of competency development. Engagement Action Planning is also leveraged as a tool to develop People Management Capability where the team manager understands & strives to enhance the engagement levels of his/her team.

The competencies at airtel have evolved into 5 key components and is common across all bands as depicted by the competency tree.

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