Grow With Airtel – Airtel

Through its truly diverse culture and global presence, airtel embraces differences yet there runs a common thread of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that forms the DNA of the organization. In line with the entrepreneurial spirit, we take pride in nurturing our people and enabling them to take charge of future business opportunities by, assuming leadership roles, thereby constantly engaging them in doing jobs that are never done before.

Dhanushka Nimalasena

Senior Executive - Postpaid & International Business Support

“Airtel gives me the freedom to make decisions and challenge the norm. The trust they have placed in me has given the opportunity for me to grow in my career. Airtel has allowed me to take a lead in projects, which in turn enabled me to expand my capacity and my own personality.”

Eranda Siriwardena

Head – Business Planning and Analysis

“I joined Airtel as an Executive and today I am a Senior Manager. Airtel gave me the opportunity of an international secondment and helped me move with my family in order to gain exposure and experience in a much more challenging environment. Despite many challenges along the way, I was able to sail through with the support and guidance of the management.”

Amithananda Don Gangodawilage

Zonal Business Manager

“Every employee at Airtel knows exactly how their job role assists towards achieving company goals. All employees are part of the company goal setting and our individual performances are directly linked to the business strategy. This approach has helped me understand the valuable role I play in the success of Airtel and has helped me upgrade my skills within a leadership framework.”

Dilip De Silva

Manager - Data & Device Solutions

“I’m a tech person who thrives on exploring new technologies in the mobile industry and I find Airtel to be a great fit for me as it provides a risk taking, empowering environment. Airtel is a great place to work, because I do what I love, gaining valuable experiences and making friends in a warm and comfortable environment.”

Shemali Silva

Manager – Financial Reporting and Analysis

“I started my career at Airtel in year 2010 and right from the start I felt that the environment promotes us to have a work-life balance. My work became very challenging soon after I became a full-time working mom. Airtel actively promotes female employees to grow, advance and have given opportunities like agile working and flexi-hours. So, whenever I had personal exigencies, the immense support and flexibility I received from all my superiors and the team is something I’m very grateful for.”