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Do I need to change my mobile settings once I insert the 4G SIM?

Navigate to “network mode selection” on your mobile and select 4G / LTE as the network mode. You need to restart your mobile phone after changing the network mode to 4G/ LTE.

I don’t have a 4G compatible handset, so why do I have to switch to a 4G SIM?

Once you switch to 4G, your mobile internet experience will be better and faster. You will also have access to our exclusive 4G services. Additionally, you will receive 10GB FREE data (upon SIM switch) which can used on your existing device as well.

I have received a SMS to switch my SIM to a 4G SIM. How do I do this?

Follow the instruction provided inside the SIM pack or contact us on 1755 or chat with us through WhatsApp on +94755555555

How do I get a 4G SIM?

Visit the nearest retailer with your NIC / DL & upgrade to a 4G SIM for free. You will also receive 10GB bonus data upon upgrade.

How do I check if my current SIM is a 4G SIM?

Dial *780*1# from your mobile phone to check the SIM compatibility with 4G.

How to provide Refund?

  • To avoid accidental purchases, Airpay comes with a refund option that is visible immediately on the purchased app and lasts for two hours Users can keep full track of their Airp ay purchases via ‘Order History’ in their Google Play account menu.

How to get the service?

  • Customers can easily activate Airpay on their android handsets by adding ‘Use Airtel Lanka billing’ in the payment methods of their Google Play account menu. Once the activation is complete, the user can simply click on ‘Buy’ on their favorite Google Play content, select ‘Bill my Airtel Lanka account’, and provide their Google account password to confirm the purchase.

What is Google Airpay?

  • Airpay service enables both prepaid and postpaid customers to purchase content from Google Play using their mobile balance. This feature is enabled for ALL Android users.

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