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FAQ Airtel 4G Service

How to check whether my SIM is compatible with 4G?

Dial *780# to check the 4G SIM compatibility.

My sim card is not supporting 4G. How can I get a 4G SIM?

a. Visit the nearest retailer to upgrade to a 4G SIM free of charge.
b. Click this link to get a SIM delivered to your door step.

I received a SIM card from Airtel to upgrade my 3G SIM to 4G. How can I upgrade the SIM by myself?

a. Send a SMS to below format from your old SIM card.
UPGRD<Space>(SIM Number) and send the message to 780
e.g. UPGRD 899405XXXXXXXXXXXXXF send the message to 780
b. Once your get the confirmation message, insert the new SIM card to your mobile.
c. Ensure that you take necessary backups of your existing contact details saved on your SIM card prior to change.

What Settings should I do in mobile to activate 4G?

a. Check whether you have inserted your new SIM card properly to a smart phone enabled with 4G.
b. Restart your mobile after inserting the sim.
c. Ensure that you have selected “4G network” from your mobile network settings.

How can I check whether my Mobile / Handset / Device Support 4G?

Navigate to Mobile network and check whether 4G / LTE service is visible. If Visible, select the 4G / LTE option and restart the mobile.

4G is not working. What Should I do now?

a. Check whether you SIM support 4G – Dial *780# to check
b. Check whether you mobile network Support 4G – Navigate to mobile network settings & select 4G / LTE mode & restart
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