Customer Care

Postpaid Roaming

How to activate

  • Simply walk in to our stores.
  • Fill in our roaming application attaching your passport copy.
  • Place your refundable deposit.
  • Deposit will be returned upon your disconnection of the roaming facility.

For more information call our Roaming Hotline 0755 14 14 14


Select your destination from the drop-down menu below

Please choose a country to view the rates...

* 15MB daily data pack can be activated at a cost of Rs.650 on your request.

To know more contact our customer care hotline on 1755

How to Call/SMS while Roaming

Making a call within the Roaming Country

Eg - Calling an Australian number while roaming in Australia.
Australian country code: +61

Enter number as: +61XXXXXX

Calling Sri Lanka while roaming

E.g. – Direct dialing to Sri Lanka  from UK
Sri Lankan country code: +94

Enter number as: +94 755 XXXXXX